Voices of Tibet
595 Main Street Suite # 203
New York, New York - 10044
telephone (212) 355-1527

Tashi Chodron -- Founder
Founder of Voices of Tibet.org and Himalayan Pantry Inc. Former Board of Directors of C100 for Tibet, Bay Area friends of Tibet, Tibetan association of northern california. Tashi is also a receipeint of Gold Star Award (American Himalayan Foundation) for working tirelessly for the preservation of Tibetan culture. She is a guide at the Rubin Museum of Art.
Phone: (212)-355-1527

Jenny Doulgas -- Producer
Brooklyn-based writer, event curator and consultant for UNICEF; loves to connect people with ideas, a mom and meditator passionate about serving with no strings attached.

Silas Hagerty -- Videographer
player, track star, founder of Smooth Feather Productions, working on gift-economy films, will go the extra mile to make someone smile.

Natasha Mottola- Video Editor/Technical Supervisor
Natasha has been working with a number of projects based on preserving culture, including a personal exposť on the Italian American experience

Phil Leith-Tetrault -- Web Designer
Web designer at Barnes&Noble.com and the designer of the Voices of Tibet site.

Phone: (716)-609-8288

Shelly Helgeson -- Technical Director
Zohe Film Production, New York

Zohe Film Production, New York

Sandra Garson -- Advisor
Sandra Garson is an award winning journalist, author, world traveler, and founder of - www.yourinthedharma.org

Barbara Green -- Advisor
An award winning documentarian, Founder of Tibetan Video Project. She is also part of the board of directors for the Bay Area Campaign for Tibet, C100.

Susanne Kerekes-- Volunteer Coordinator

Patricia Artenberg-- Advisor

Isabel Coleman-- Volunteer